From the NEW YORK TIMES Article, June 7, 2021: 


Written from the underside of history, “Song to a Refugee” finds Jones steadfastly siding with the oppressed, much in the spirit of Woody Guthrie’s “Dust Bowl Ballads.” 

- Bill Friskics - Warren, New York Times


“Diana’s record is a relentless hammering home of how we ignore a huge body of people who are living through the results of human cruelty and insanity...this is such a big problem that it has to be dealt with in small ways,” Seeger said, referring to the global migration crisis. “But the small ways are not small. This is not a small album.””

- Peggy Seeger, New York Times




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More Press quotes:



A tender testimony to bruised lives.. Powerful and poetic; a record for our times.

 - The Guardian / Observer ★★★★ – read full review


"Diana Jones Song To A Refugee follows in the footsteps of (Woody Guthrie's)

Dustbowl Ballads.”
- Financial Times ★★★★ – read full review

The Scotsman ★★★★ – read full review

“..a beautiful collection of songs which, hopefully, inspires you in your kindness to others.”
- Folk North West – read full review


“The whole stops you in your tracks, and Jones brings, in both words and vocal delivery, a consistent dignity, that conveys the deep compassion at the heart of this album for ‘the times’.”
- Folk Radio – read full review


“Haunting, eloquent, aglow with empathy and compassion and sung and played with a quiet grace, Song To A Refugee is the best and most important album of her career.”
- – read full review

“Moving song cycle from US singer and folk guitarist.”

 - Uncut – 9/10


“This is an exceptional record, beautifully written and performed by an artist now being mentioned in the same league as Gillian Welch, Iris DeMent, and Alison Krauss.”
- Folk & Tumble ★★★★ – read full review


“A Sensitive and Powerful Collection of Perspectives on the Nature and Treatment of Refugees.”
- Rocking Magpie – read full review


“Jones’ vocals are crystal clear and intense throughout, challenging the listener to pour him/herself into the songs… a beautifully constructed and performed collection of songs.”
- Lonesome Highway – read full review


“So well done, Diana Jones for this finely honed, challenging album. A quite wonderful set of songs, beautifully sung, at times haunting, at times heart-breaking and always challenging.”
- Down At The Crossroads – read full review



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"Song To A Refugee follows in the footsteps of (Woody Guthrie's) Dustbowl Ballads.”
- Financial Times ★★★★

“Diana Jones is one of the best songwriters I've heard in the last ten years.”

 - Steve Earle