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"Diana Jones has a riveting delivery, unadorned and direct – and so true, her stories are so believable, they hang tangible in the air..... the reality of events, of emotions, of what was seen, what was said and what went unsaid is vibrant"

- Americana UK. January 2023

"She sings of the hard times, murderous urges and chilling loneliness that haunt the old Anglo-Celtic ballads ... She approaches the mountain-ballad tradition not as a curiosity or antique but as a renewable vernacular that’s just as capable of speaking to the human condition now as it was 80 years ago"

- Bill Friskics, New York Times

Many thanks to all of you who came to the shows! The 2024 EU Tour was magic!

April 27th NEW YORK CITY Reserve a seat:

More JULY UK DATES Coming Soon!


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