High Atmosphere

High Atmosphere, the latest album in the remarkable career arc of singer-songwriter Diana Jones, hits with the force of a revelation. Nashville singer-songwriter brings the mountain ballad tradition into the present day.


Museum of Appalachia Recordings

Recorded live in a cabin at Tennessee's Museum of Appalachia, with two sidekicks and a crackling fire, but its sound (guitar, fiddle, banjo) is rich, the playing faultless and Jones's distinctive vocals imperious - The Guardian

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Song to a Refugee

Song To A Refuge, Diana's 6th solo recording, gives voice to the stories of asylum seekers worldwide; a testament to Diana's commitment to social justice through her gifts as a consummate songwriter and performer.



Better Times Will Come

"This is why Diana Jones is such an important new songwriting voice. She is able to take the facts of other people's lives--or her own--and distill them into the fine whiskey of feeling."

- Geoffrey Himes

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Live in Concert

Informed by Old Time Appalachian music, but contemporary in that the songs are original in the here and now.

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My Remembrance of You

Uncommon depth and beauty infused with time-honored values of traditional American Music, drawing life from the rich cross currents of country, country blues, and mountain music. Diana is a new lantern in the misty old world of Appalachian Music.

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