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High Atmosphere

High Atmosphere, the latest album in the remarkable career arc of singer-songwriter Diana Jones, hits with the force of a revelation. Nashville singer-songwriter brings the mountain ballad tradition into the present day.



Museum of Appalachia Recordings

Recorded live in a cabin at Tennessee's Museum of Appalachia, with two sidekicks and a crackling fire, but its sound (guitar, fiddle, banjo) is rich, the playing faultless and Jones's distinctive vocals imperious - The Guardian

From $7.00


Song to a Refugee

Song To A Refuge, Diana's 6th solo recording, gives voice to the stories of asylum seekers worldwide; a testament to Diana's commitment to social justice through her gifts as a consummate songwriter and performer.

From $9.00


Better Times Will Come

"This is why Diana Jones is such an important new songwriting voice. She is able to take the facts of other people's lives--or her own--and distill them into the fine whiskey of feeling."

- Geoffrey Himes

From $7.00


Live in Concert

Informed by Old Time Appalachian music, but contemporary in that the songs are original in the here and now.

From $7.00


My Remembrance of You

Uncommon depth and beauty infused with time-honored values of traditional American Music, drawing life from the rich cross currents of country, country blues, and mountain music. Diana is a new lantern in the misty old world of Appalachian Music.

From $7.00

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